Monday, 7 May 2012

Review: Yves' photographic journey

Yves before kicking off the lecture

Photography being a passion of mine, I was looking forward to Yves presentation. He attended the previous month and gracefully agreed to do a presentation himself.

I noticed Yves' work long before I had the chance to meet him in person. His photography evokes wonders and feelings, taking you away from the road of glossy and airbrushed perfectionist treatment.

For those who attended, we all got a glimpse into the working methods behind Yves' stunning images and for those of you who missed out, please sign up on for the email letter and receive notifications straight to your inbox and join us next time.

It is well worth checking out his book, you can follow this link here:

Colour distortion by the projector
Unfortunately, we had to borrow a new projector and it did not do the images justice as the capture came out all wrong. Yves has kindly sent a few of his samples from the session for us to display here as well as sending his best regards to everyone that came.

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