Thursday, 12 April 2012

Saigon Creative April Event – Yves Schiepek

"Yves' journey to Vietnam really began when he was inspired by scenes of Vietnam in a film. The landscape and the entwining stories of Vietnamese and water buffalos moved him. He traveled from the North to the South and back.

Half of the distance Southwards, he traveled by bicycle, at times on bumpy roads and upward inclines. Traveling by bicycle allowed him to "take in" his landscape - houses, trees fields, sky, people. He kept an eye out for the magical scene of a water buffalo submerged in water."

– from Yves' book

Yves will start his talk with a brief introduction to his journey in Vietnam in 2009 and then talk about his photos and the technics he uses to create some of them.

Join us for the conversation on Friday the 20th April, see you all there!

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