Monday, 10 October 2011

Oct. 21 - Jenni Trang Le

Our next speaker is Jenni Trang Le.  Some could say Jenni Trang Le has been a part of the Viet Film Wave from the beginning.  She worked on Ham Tran’s JOURNEY FROM THE FALL (2006), Tim Bui’s POWDER BLUE (2009) and was 1st Assistant Director for several Vietnamese American films that followed, including Charlie Nguyen’s THE REBEL (2007), Stephane Gauger’s OWL AND THE SPARROW (2008). 

In 2007 Le wrote, directed and animated a short claymation project, “Oh Mommy!/Me Oi”, funded by the James Irvine Foundation as a part of Visual Communications’ annual fellowship, Armed with a Camera.
These days, Le has begun to take on more producing opportunities, starting with Associate Producer of a child sex trafficking film in Cambodia, HOLLY (2007) directed by Guy Moshe, as well as co-producer on “Viet Nam Overtures”, a documentary on symphony musicians in Northern and Southern Viet Nam.  Early 2009 Le officially relocated to Saigon after a 5 year film flirtation and now freelances.  Since moving to the city of organized chaos, she has co-produced CLASH/Bay Rong (2009) and the historical epic Khat Vong Thang Long (2010).  She still 1st AD’s as her bread and butter, having completed Phan Dang Di’s BI, DON’T BE AFRAID/Bi, dung so!, Victor Vu’s INFERNO/Giao Lo Dinh Menh (2009), BATTLE OF THE BRIDES/Co Dau Dai Chien (2010), and most recently Vietnamese box office record breaker Long Ruoi (2011).
Jenni Trang Le graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Art in Anthropology. She has spent the last eight years focused on theatre, community work, and film. She was the Associate Festival Director for the biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) 2005 & 2007. She was on the board of the Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association when she still lived in the US.  She is now exploring her new life in the motherland, through the eyes of a bicultural artivist.
She'll join us on the 21st to talk about some of the challenges and joys she's faced working here in Vietnam and trying to ensure the same quality products in a market that doesn't always have the same resources or standards that she was coming from.

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