Friday, 16 September 2011

Coffee+Art=Saigon Creative's speaker of the day

Small talk before the presentation
A big thank you to all of you that could make it this morning. Coffee and art, that's an irresistible combination in my book. Cristina took us on a visual and intriguing journey, all in good taste and well explained references as we went from matchstick heads to portraits created in blood to taxidermy artworks. Disclaimer, the artists keeps at least three large fridges storing road kill that has been collected, often with the help of friends and family.

How can this not be an interesting morning. Enjoy the images and scroll down for the complete reading list kindly provided by Cristina Nualart.

The morning group waiting for Art+Coffee
What do you do with matchsticks?
You start building
Until you have mastered the skill and create a portrait made of matchstick heads
Why stop with matchsticks when we can utilise clothes hangers
Self portrait made with own blood, approx 5 liters
Taxidermy art
Our speaker: Cristina


Salvador Dali (not contemporary)
David Mach
Gavin Turk
Xu Bing
Joan Fontcuberta
Mark Wallinger
Christian Boltanksi
Caspar David Friedrich (not contemporary)
Mariele Neudecker
Yolanda Domínguez & video:!
Mark Quinn
Richard Wilson (20:50)
Rachel Whiteread
Roger Hiorns
Polly Morgan
Maria Gendelman

'Sutra' at Sadlers Wells, set design by artist Antony Gormley
'IN-I' with Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche with set design by artist Anish Kapoor
Total Theatre group 'La Fura dels Baus' (opera 'Le Grand Macabre')

Film: 'Exit through the giftshop' (Banksy)
Film: 'Beautiful Losers'
Documentary series 'ART21'

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