Friday, 10 February 2012

Our Feb speaker is Nguyen Nhu Huy of Zero Station!

After taking January off (mostly due to the holiday), we'll be kicking off the year of the Dragon with Nguyen Nhu Huy as our speaker.

Huy is currently managing ZeroStation, a house for creativity. Zerostation is a project-based art space which includes studio space, exhibition space, and an art residency program.  The main mission of ZeroStation is to create more opportunities for dialoguing, thinking, and working in art-project forms among young artists in HCMC and beyond. 

Huy will be speaking on the topic of what inspires him about the contemporary art scene here in Vietnam. 

A graduate of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, he's worked with various mediums from installation art to paintings, photography, video art and public art. 

In 2004, Nhu Huy was co-founder of a little blah blah, the first initiated artist run space in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Since 2003-2005, Nhu Huy has been co-founder and editor of first Vietnam independent online art magazine, 

He's also is an independent curator, critical writer, and a poet.  His most recent curating project has been “ Art in Marathon”, a public art project that took place over the course of three months in some public spaces here in Ho Chi Minh City in late 2007.

In 2008, he helped develop, “Xin Chao, My Darling” a group show introducing artworks of 16 Young Vietnamese artists in Korea.  That same year, his poetry collection, "The Complex Sentences” was published.

He has written, translated and published widely on Vietnam Contemporary art, culture, and art theory. He's been invited to be a guest speaker at the first international symposium on Vietnamese Art, “ Vietnam art post-doimoi”, held at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).  In 2009, He was invited to participate in the Asian Curator Conference, organized by the Japan Foundation in Singapore and Malaysia.  More recently, Nhu Huy contributed his writing for catalogue of the exhibition, “ Video, an art, a history”, organized by the Pompidou art center in Paris and the Singapore Museum of art, the IFA catalogue for the exhibition, “connect: Kunstszene Vietnam”. 

He's also a member of the international contemporary art project, ”Hochiminh trail”  organized and curated by the Long March Project in China.

He's been published in the Yishu, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, having a conversation with Viet Le titled : “Transnationalism in Translation”.

Huy often focuses on the ambiguous spaces located in the gap between past and present, public and private, what we see and what we know, what can be spoken about and what can only be shown, etc..  His art projects take relational aesthetics as their theoretical and practical departure, always trying to create the platforms where audience and artist, art and everyday life, can encounter each other in many different forms of dialogue.

Contact in Vietnam:
Cell: +84(0)903747779