Friday, 24 February 2012

Nhu Huy, the "facilitator"

So this morning, we had the chance to hear Nhu Huy talking about his experience of being an artist, curator, writer and about his constant efforts for many years trying to create a new dynamic in the Saigonese art scene.

Nhu Huy told us about the notions of pre-production, production and postproduction, notions that he borrows from the movie industry vocabulary, as firstly did the French art theorician Nicolas Bourriaud in his essay “Postproduction. Culture as screenplay: How art reprograms the world”. When most art galleries in Vietnam will focus on “post-production” (exhibitions, talks…sells…), Nhu Huy, with “Zero Station” (the alternative art space he launched in 2010), will encourage and support artists during the whole process of creation, from meetings, discussions, research… to the production of art works and then exhibition.

He highlighted also the social role of an art space located in a popular area by telling us anecdotes about the interaction between the artist/art work and the neighbors, local authorities, audience, other artists and intellectuals.

If you missed this one and want to know more about Nhu Huy and Zero Station, come to visit his website: , you will also find all the information you need  to get there, see some art, meet artists and eat “Pho” (the one served next door is supposed to be the best in town!).

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